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Cloud Engineering & Migration Services

Start your journey to the cloud on the hands of an AWS specialist

Cloud Migration Planning & Execution

End-to-end guidance on migrating your infrastructure and applications to AWS.

Serverless Application Development

Building, deploying, and optimizing serverless apps using AWS Lambda, DynamoDB, API Gateway.

Cloud-Native CI/CD Pipelines

Implementing automated build, test, and deployment workflows on AWS with tools like CodePipeline, or external tools like Azure DevOps or GitLab.

VPN Site-to-Site Integration

Configuring secure VPN connections between your on-premises sites and your Amazon VPC.

Hashicorp Tools Configuration

Installing, integrating, and managing the suite of Hashicorp service mesh tools on AWS (Vault, Boundary, Consul and Nomad)

Infrastructure as Code

Deploying AWS infrastructure programmatically using Terraform, CloudFormation, and GitOps.

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Migrating to the cloud is crucial for modern business success. With the right strategy and expertise, the cloud aligns technology with strategic initiatives and transforms organizations.

Seamless Cloud Migrations

Migrate your infrastructure and workloads to AWS smoothly and securely leveraging my expertise.

Innovative Cloud-Native Solutions

I build and deliver next-gen cloud-native apps, architectures, and practices tailored to your needs.

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Service price starting from $450 Experience with Juniper, Cisco, FortiNet and PaloAlto firewalls   Grursus mal
Service price starting from $450 Pricing varies according to the services neeed   Cost of supplies
Service price starting from $650 Pricing varies according to origin and destination databases and database size
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